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Gone are the times when traditional media was the only source of information for your audience. The need for transformation has derived from the modern-day advancements and we are here to give you exactly that!

American Explainer Video is all about giving your thoughts a graphical representation that will instill in your brand image majestically. Our wide range of video animation services add supreme attraction to your platform, and surely, you’ll love every tiny second of it

Our breath-taking creations have set our standards way up high. Every masterpiece we introduce ensure the finest quality and major attention to detail. Your message is set to be delivered in a precise and meaningful manner which will not just increase traffic but your sales as well.

The Preamble

From 3D Animations to motion graphics, and so much more that keeps the audience hooked, we got everything for you. From American Explainer Videos, you get everything that elevates the quality of your social media platforms.

Be it an introduction to your products, services, applications or the entire organization, you get it all from us. We work to help you excel beyond the boundaries of excellence and it is an aim we invest all our resources in.

Our Principles

You can count on us for delivering you all that we promise. From every pixel in the animation to the final clip that is prepared, you will see perfection at every stage. We make no compromises on quality and aim to build a long-term relationship with our audience.

Further, it is our responsibility to get the video quality up to your desired criteria with the utmost commitment. We seek customer satisfaction with every creation that we come up with because our clients are our top priority always.

Jimmy Alban

Head of Design

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